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Eltherington Bespoke spandrel panels

1st February 2018

In this issue we look at the features and benefits of our spandrel panels, along with a recent case study project.

Our spandrel panels are available in a wide range of materials, finishes and visual effects as well as bespoke designs and sizes.  This allows them to match or contrast with the vision area of the curtain wall installation.  Our spandrel panels can be supplied with or without insulation, along with:

  • Glass fronted (single or double glazed opaque, coated or uncoated glass)
  • High levels of insulated
  • Screen printed
  • Shaped
  • Projecting or recessed
  • Flush, rebated, top hat or special formed rear tray design

FIVE benefits: Eltherington spandrel panels

  1. Seamlessly interchangeable with glazing units in curtain walling systems
  2. Hides edge of floor slabs, ceilings etc to maintain facade aesthetics
  3. Designed and manufactured to fully integrate with your chosen curtain wall system
  4. HCFC-Free foam insulated tray - insulation manufactured in accordance with BS EN 14001 & OHSAS BS EN 18001
  5. HCFC-Free mineral fibre insulated trays and non-combustible class O


FIVE Questions: Spandrel panels

Over the last few months we’ve had a surge in enquiries for our spandrel panels.  Many of these have come about due to increased focus on fire safety and the fact that spandrel panels hide the mechanism used to separate elements or ‘barriers’ to the passage of fire external, within the cladding system, between floors.

  1. What is a spandrel panel?

Spandrel panels usually comprise a glazed front panel complete with insulation and rear tray attached to form one unit.

  1. Where are spandrel panels used?

The main purpose of spandrel panels is to match or contrast a glass facade whilst hiding the building framework and structure, for example, prefabricated steel or precast concrete floor elements.

  1. How does spandrel panel system contribute to fire safety?

Perimeter Fire Barrier Systems behind the spandrel panels protect against the passage of fire, hot gases and toxic smoke through the void between the floor slab edge and curtain wall or cladding. This system must prevent the spread of fire for the full duration of the floor’s rating.  We manufacture non-cobustible fire rated panels using fire rated mineral fibre. We offer panels with an A2 spread of fire rating. The insulation we use in the trays is non-combustible class O.

  1. Why is fire safety important when designing a façade?

The void behind the spandrel panel must be fitted with a Perimeter Fire Barrier System to prevent fire, smoke and gases spreading between floors for a given amount of time.

  1. How does fire spread in a cladding or curtain walling system?

Fire spreads by two paths:

a) Up the inside of the wall due to inadequate fire stopping at the floor-wall interface 

b) Spreading up the exterior surface on combustible facing materials. (The panels should achieve an A2 spread of fire rating).

When specifying spandrel panels, particular attention should therefore be made to Building Regulations Part B: fire safety.

To download our Spandrel Panel Specification Guide click here

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